The royal flush is worth 800 points instead of 250 when playing five credits per hand. This means you need to play until that big payoff!

Full-pay Jacks or Better is a game that can be found in many casinos all over the world. This popular strategy gambling machine has been around since World War II when Harry Dust Sr was first introduced to United States’ casino floors. The jackpot for this type of bet ranges from $50-$500, but more often than not, you’ll only find players willing to take smaller stakes on these machines because their odds are much better!


Video poker is a game of strategy

Video poker is a game of strategy, skill and luck. The one thing players need to know about this gambling format is the pay for each hand type- there’s more than just jacks or better games out in Hollywood, after all! For example, when it comes time to play your next bet on “dealt” video card wagers, you’ll want to make sure that whatever card may show up first will be worth betting dollars per point because if not… you’re wasting precious cash at these tables. In most cases, two cards follow behind every round, like Q Jacks 10 8 5 4 3 2 9 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0, which can give us some insight into what kind of paytable might exist based on their respective values.

The 9/6 version of jacks or better has a pay table that is as follows:

You can’t lose with this game! The return is 99.54%, and the house edge amounts to only 46 cents per 100 dollars played – how much do you want to bet?

The return on your money will vary, but you can expect an average of 99.54% yearly–as long as more playtime is combined with a good investment strategy!


High-average return players hold on to their high cards and avoid playing low ones since they know it will only give them an average return.

The jackpot-sized pay in a game with only one jack or better is the royal flush. The other 98% of total return comes from a higher frequency, lower paying hands that have about two percent potency – not enough to make it worth your while!

Jacks for newbies ?

Jacks or better is a simple and easy game for newbies because the variance doesn’t hurt their pocket as much. It’s also good if you have limitations on how much money can go into playing since this won’t create huge swings in bankroll like other games might do with higher EV breasts!

The looser your strategy, the better chance you’ll get a 9-card straight. In normal full-pay games, this would be an excellent bet as it shows that he’s inexperienced with his cards and susceptible to getting jacks or higher on any given hand, which can make him fold post flop when beats come along later down the stack, so there isn’t much risk involved unless it is 4 handed, but even then we’re looking at around 30% return assuming our player has already called once before seeing what comes next (which is possible if no one else raised).

Strategy charts are a strategic planning and analysis tool that helps you to identify what your competitors are doing well and where they’re falling short. By understanding the competition’s strengths and weaknesses in detail – down even specific data points like market share or sales territory- it becomes easier for startups or established companies alike can create an effective plan of attack against them!

The strategy chart lists the hands initially dealt for each hand played. The most favourable hold (on average) goes at the top, with equal or lower returns following through all available options from best to worst, starting with one’s cards and then those belonging to opponents left over after betting round(s).

First, you need a plan of what content will work for your business. This includes keywords and phrases and search volume data on those terms so that when it comes time to create new posts or update old ones- they’ll be optimized with SEO in mind!

  • Start at the top of the strategy chart.
  • Compare your dealt hand to this line.
  • If your dealt hand includes the cards specified in the strategy line, hold just those cards and hit the “Deal / Draw” button.
  • If your dealt hand does not contain the cards specified in this line of the strategy chart, move to the next lower line and check if your dealt hand contains these cards.
  • Continue doing this until your hand contains the cards shown in the strategy chart line.
  • If you reach the end of the strategy chart, do not hold any of the cards in your dealt hand and hit the “Deal / Draw” button to get a completely new hand.

Congratulations! You have just won the jackpot with a straight flush. The strategy chart is effective in theory, but when you’re on your feet playing cards, it can be tough to keep track of everything at once – that’s why we recommend buying one video poker computer program or smartphone/tablet app for easy access during gameplay. I hope this helps answer any questions about how exactly our experts apply these strategies while they are away from home soil where all betting options exist…

Having a program that tailors your gaming experience to match any game you might play is an amazing tool. I can say for certain after playing poker with this app and seeing those pesky errors pop up on the screen every so often-it helped me remember how not all games are created equal! The cost of $50 may seem steep at first glance, but when considering what kind of entertainment it provides us gamers (especially ones who love video+poker), it’s worth every penny spent.

Short-pay Jacks or Better

One of the most common short-pay tables is 9/5. This means that for a full house and flush, you will only get 8-1 instead of 9 pays as opposed to what was originally offered when playing video poker with an original pay table which had 12 different combinations from 1 through 6 coins per hand; this included both high cards like jacks or better (JCB) as well low ones such at draw Four card straights etc.

Handicapping your paychecks can significantly impact the return of an entire job. For every one credit reduction in hourly wages, there is about 1%.

  • The 9/5 game returns 98.45 percent.
  • The 8/6 game returns 98.39 percent.
  • The 8/5 game return 97.30 percent.


Jacks or better is an ideal game for those who want to play with a small bankroll, have beginners’ luck on their side and will never be disappointed by high-paying hands.

Jacks or better is the all-time favourite game of many people.